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My life? Coping with ‘lack of control’

The most difficult aspect of birth and the first year.

Very interesting indeed, the huge transition is certainly not some thing mothers (myself included) seen to be able predict, realise or be prepared for.

The complete ‘lack of control’ right from the beginning of Pregnancy, over THE most precious thing in life so far is all so consuming from that moment a baby is conceived.

There is a lot of focus on the physical but little on the mind (and the soul).

Hormones are extremely powerful and have a lot to answer for during pregnancy & that first year especially.

I wouldn’t say the emotional pains are necessarily greater than the physical as they often come packaged into such a roller coaster of ups and downs – love / elation and relentless responsibility/ anxiety & exhaustion.

The line about pushing out selfishness definitely rings true to me but not so much the fear.

FEAR just evolved & increased, from worrying about MY own life to worrying deeply about my children.

I think – Transition, re adjustment, energy and love contribute hugely to a holistic view of birth and the first year.

You can help prepare for the physical but not so much the mind / soul / emotional transition. Or perhaps we can?!

Like many things in life it’s a very complex combination of joy & challenges all interacting and making little sense. If we can find a way to cope with the lack of control we may be able to help others transition more comfortably perhaps.

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