All aspects of Pre & Postnatal FITNESS & WELLNESS BODY MIND BABY


Your Body. Your Mind. Your Baby.

Natal Wellbeing has been created to provide a collection of classes and resources to look after all your fitness & wellnees needs during pregnancy, birth itself and beyond into postnatal life & parenthood.

Our studio & online resources will enable you to select your own bespoke preparation & feel good plan. Created to provide more of an all encompassing resource, including preparation, movement / exercise, wellness & knowledge.

Body Mind & Baby.

Natal Wellbeing is also designed to be able to support you more on a local level, within your region. You can join as a member of your local group to enjoy the network of support, signposting and social, near where you live, to ease your through this exciting phase of life. Supporting the transition to parenthood & life with a new born, whether its your first or subsequent baby.

This site will evolve as a knowledge bank to benefit new mums so please feel you can contribute anything you have found useful in your area or topics you would like to raise awareness of, for future mums in their natal life.

Please also send through your birth stories & experiences to help others.

You will find sections of this site help signpost to experts and provide evidence based sources for you to refer to on various topics.

This collection of resources is intended to help you feel good, both Body & Mind as well as providing knowledge &information to support you in making your own informed decisions. So you can feel Pregnancy, Birth & Baby confident.

We found becoming a mum a huge transition in our lives, the first time then again with each newborn joining the family. Adapting to the new responsibility can be overwhelming.

The roller coaster of emotions from elation, over whelming love & excitement, to relentless tiredness , anxiety & responsibility.

In the midst of all these feelings it didn’t help to feel bombarded with information from thousands of “experts” as well as social media and even at times friends and family.

and where do you we even start when it comes to ourselves & taking care of our own Body and Mind.

It is important to be reminded that YOU do matter as well as your baby and you are not alone.

Time has never been so precious. You don’t have the time or energy to search hundreds of sites and social media platforms for everything you need – especially the days you don’t even have time to shower.

Our Approach

As time is precious our classes & resources help to gather all the best parts of birth preparation/antenatal and postnatal classes to look after all of your Fitness and Wellness needs. From Preparation to Restoration.

Members will have access to studio classes and a growing library of Natal specific video classes, courses, articles & information, all gathered in one place to help take care of your:

1) Pregnancy Wellbeing
2) Mum & Baby Postnatal Wellbeing
2) Babies Wellbeing
4) Parenting & Family Wellbeing

Finding a balance

We hope by giving you the full picture – combining medical guidelines from maternity practitioners along with support from real mums, wellness teachers & therapists and social networks. There is something for everyone.

• Techniques to prepare you for birth
• Restorative postnatal exercises
• Mind & emotional matters
• Sharing real life experiences
• Even just some online company when you lock yourself in the bathroom for 10 minutes for your  “me time”

More of a complete and holistic approach to your total wellbeing which we think has been missing in natal care.

If you would like to share your experiences on any relevant pre or post natal topic, to help others (as a mum, a blogger, a therapist or a practitioner).
Please email us at [email protected]

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