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Laura is a Pregnancy and Postnatal Specialist in Pilates & Yoga

Based in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire. She is also an educator in Birth Preparation and Active Birth Techniques. Bringing together a great combination of body awareness during pregnancy and the post natal period, as well a knowledge to support preparing for birth & labour itself.

Over the years Laura created Natal Wellbeing to collate various resources & signposting to provide more than just a weekly class for Mums to Be and beyond.

Laura is the founder of Natal Wellbeing.

As an experienced instructor in pregnancy and postnatal pilates Laura went on to train others to join the team and increase the number of classes possible within the Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire are, including Croxley Green, Rickmansworth and Chorleywood.

Laura also teaches reformer pilates for all levels in her private studio.

Within Pregnancy classes Laura is able to provide a unique combination of Preparation as well as Exercise / Movement, for an all encompassing Body Mind and Baby experience (incorporate Birth Preparation, Antenatal Education, Active Birth Techniques and Birth Hypnosis, Pilates & Yoga). Ultimately providing a complete toolkit of techniques to prepare for birth. Then postnatally a program designed to help New Mums progress through the postnatal phase safely & effectively with Restorative Pilates. Reacquainting, restoring & restrengthen.

Pregnancy and postnatal pilates instructor

Laura Sandilands

Laura was a competitive gymnast as a child, and drawn to Yoga and Pilates during adult life.
"It was during my first pregnancy I decided to make some life-balance changes and chose to specialise in Pregnancy and Postnatal training and qualifications.

I felt more of a prenatal and postnatal specialist once I had experienced pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period myself. I felt I could then apply my own personal learning and experiences. It helps to be able to empathise and understand exactly how pregnancy feels, as well as the transition new mums take - physically, mentally and emotionally. This showed me first-hand what was missing from my own journey in terms of wellness and fitness, in terms of body, mind & baby.


Alongside Pilates & Yoga I have also trained as an Active Antenatal Educator. This enables me to teach and understand how movement and active birth techniques can help prepare for labour and birth. My classes originated in Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Chorleywood, Watford, Little Chalfont and Amersham, the pregnancy classes also include Birth Hypnosis & Relaxation to help prepare the mind.

I went on to study Baby Development through Baby Massage and Baby Yoga as well as broadening my understanding of C section recovery, in order to support new mums and babies.

This combined approach to pregnancy and postnatal wellbeing goes beyond just fitness into wellness, providing techniques so that mums can prepare, connect and feel confident during such a significant time of change.

I wanted to create the support of a NATAL WELLBEING brand to gather useful; resources. Including ideas, inspiration & signposting, to support the journey new mothers go through. Taking learnings from years of teaching beyond just my local area. The knowledge bank and collection of classes online will include a forever growing library of shared learning from pre and postnatal experts, mums’ networks, as well as valuable techniques to support clients from pregnancy to parenthood.

We are currently creating online & live courses to support pregnancy and post-natal clients in class as well as from home, including safe beneficial movement to prepare & restore. We will be publishing complimentary articles plus online and live courses in 2017 & 18.

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