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Exercise is important during pregnancy



Exercise and movement is important during pregnancy for many reasons.

For one it helps prevent the many challenges a sedentary lifestyle & lack of physical activity can lead to.

A lack of mobility can result in postural challenges, particularly of the spine and pelvis during  pregnancy.

There are several other benefits  of ‘safe’ exercise during pregnancy and when your new baby arrives.

It can help with Anxiety, Cardiovascular system, Digestion, Diabetes, Blood pressure, Lymphatic system, Low back pain to name a few.


Pilates & Yoga with a specialist instructor will also help to ensure your Body & Mind are more prepared for labour, birth and the restorative phase postnatally.

However your movement and exercise should be with specific intention. The pelvis and spine need to be re stabilised and re aligned for optimal function of your core again.

Your corset of stability (your transverse abdominals) needs to be reconnected to your breath and diaphragm, to automatically protect your spine and pelvis and move again inherently in the way we are designed to.

The psoas muscle runs from your lower back to your inner thigh, through the pelvis, so ensuring these muscles are long and flexible can prevent restricting muscles round the pelvis, very important as birthing your baby is about your body being able to open (particularly your pelvis).

The lower back needs strengthening during pregnancy and again postnatally.

Stabilising muscles are often overtaken by larger muscle groups. Specific exercises in the Postnatal Pilates Collection are designed to reach the muscles that really matter during pregnancy and the Postnatal phase.

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