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Time for you – Restorative Postnatal Pilates

Postnatal Restorative Pilates

Bring your baby along to a class or enjoy Pilates practise from home. Take your body through a full range of beneficial movement.

Supporting you from your 6 week check, with a safe effective restorative program, to help you get your pre-baby stability, strength and shape back.

For a flatter tummy, leaner limbs, a firmer bottom and a stronger stable back and pelvis.

Enjoy this precious time to move, relax & re energise. Escaping some of the chaos and feeling far more like your old self.

Each class has been designed to :

  • Re activate your transverse abdominals correctly, the foundations of stability.
  • Identifying any Diastasis Recti and understanding what to do next.
  • Learn techniques to prevent a dome shaped abdomen remaining (mummy tummy).
  • Re strengthening your entire powerhouse / centre /core
  • Realign postural challenges, muscle imbalances
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor
  • Mobilise your spine
  • Lengthen short and tight musckes
  • Breath effectively and relax your mind.

This comprehensive restorative programme includes information on various ‘feel good’ postnatal Wellbeing topics.

You’ll meet other like minded mums and you won’t feel worried about babies interrupting the class.

Designed to Support you post natally so you get back to feeling yourself.


Your tummy and pelvic floor muscles were put under considerable strain as your baby grew during your pregnancy. Let alone labour & birth. The hormone relaxin  connective tissue and ligaments to become lax, making you more susceptible to injury and misalignment’s.

Postnatal Pilates exercise will activate the deepest layer of abdominal muscles, to help stabilise your back and pelvis.

Where you may have once had a six pack. Your tummy muscles (Rectus Abdominals) and the connective tissue between them have been stretched to accommodate your growing baby which will take time to heal, you may have also suffered with back or pelvic pain.

Your pelvic floor muscles have been put under considerable pressure and need to re engage to re connect correctly. You may notice your bladder isn’t what it used to be when you cough or sneeze, or feel a sensation of heaviness down below. What ever you do don’t try trampolining or high impact activity until youve progressively re build stability and strength. You can create problems you never had or make underlying problems worse.

At the centre of this program the tummy, back and pelvic floor are the target, without putting any strain on the Rectus Abdomnals and lax joints.

Contact Laura if you are near Herts or Bucks to book, online courses available here soon.

07967 659225

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